Genesis Commercial Capital offers a diverse array of smart solutions to meet the specific needs of its clients. These include:
For businesses that need a quick and simple solution, the Application-Only program is the way to go. With a simplified one-page application, businesses may quickly qualify for up to $150,000 in equipment leasing or financing.
Flex-Pay Structures
Genesis will customize your lease payments to closely match the revenue generated by your new equipment. Examples of Flex-Pay Structures include 90-day deferred payments, seasonal payments, and step-up payments.
Medical & Professional Programs
Genesis has custom-tailored lease and financing solutions to meet the unique requirements of doctors, dentists, CPAs, attorneys, and other professionals in the service industry. These solutions allow Genesis to offer the most generous underwriting standards and lease terms available.
Used Equipment
Acquiring used instead of new equipment can sometimes be the smart move when expanding your business. Genesis understands, and that's why virtually all of our leasing programs are designed to accommodate used equipment.
Titled Vehicles
Let Genesis help you acquire your next vehicle, whether it be an SUV, service truck, trailer, dump truck, concrete pump, or other vehicle. We have an experienced staff that can navigate the intricate titling laws in all 50 states.
Genesis recognizes how rapidly technology is changing. More and more, software and related services encompass a significant portion of any IT project. We'll structure a solution that minimizes your out-of-pocket costs.
Commercial Lending
Genesis has a team of professionals that can structure lease and financing solutions to meet your needs for larger equipment acquisitions-specifically those ranging from $100,000 on up to $2 million.